AI text-to-SQL engine and SQL workstation. It lets you write accurate, cost-effective SQL queries from natural language.

A Y-Combinator startup.


Web crawler application framework. Users can create single/multi node data pipelines. Features automatic scaling, customizable deployments, and observability.

Originally designed to crawl tor hidden services, later expanded to extract and process a diverse array of OSINT sources.


I cosplayed as a robot from the video game stray

Incorporates custom hardware and software to deliver a unique interactive experience. Augmented reality elements are seamlessly integrated, elevating the costume's realism and audience engagement.


Analyzes current events from various sources on the web. Users can create customized news dashboards using JSON configuration. Feeds can be filtered via features such as sentiment, geography, and ticker symbols. Data can be visualized via text feed, map, or sentiment graph.

Data feeds are generated by the Bandit web crawler.

Currently offline while migrating to new backend


Play games in real life with your friends using maps on your mobile device! Development still in-progress, expected to release in 2024.


Displays the similarity of popular anime in the form of a directed graph. Built using data mining features from the Bandit web crawler.

Updated infrequently.

This Website

My personal developer blog.

Free of modern excesses such as Javascript, cookies, trackers, and HTTP frameworks. Static pages, sitemaps, and RSS feeds are generated at compile time and hosted on S3. Articles are written in Markdown and converted to HTML during compile time.